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Dat-A-Syst prides itself on making it easy for you to do business with us by offering the check-in form to speed up the process at the counter or if equipment is shipped to us from locations out of the Charlotte area. Just click on the “Express Check In Form”, fill out, print and bring in with your equipment or insert the form in the box and ship to our address: Dat-A-Syst, LLC, 377 RUBIN CENTER Suite 115 Fort Mill, SC 29708. If shipped in, you will receive a telephone call acknowledging that your equipment has been received.

Express Check-In Form


  • Your Computers Login Username
  • Your Computers Login Password
  • Any repair/service performed that is NOT covered under warranty (spills,end user damage, etc), including a diagnosis of "no problem found" becomes the responsibility of the customer and is billed at our current service rate.

    Initial - Required

  • PRIORITY SERVICE (expediting) is available with two options. Expedite fee of $45 allows your equipment to be next in line for service. Double expedite fee of $90 allows your equipment to move directly to a technician, surpassing the wait line altogether. The fee for expediting will be due before service is provided. This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, even if the product is unrepairable or service is declined for any reason.

    SERVICE RATE: Dat-A-Syst does NOT provide Free Estimates. OUR LABOR RATE IS $47.50 per half hour with a half (1/2) hour minimum for PC's. Apple Macintosh and iOS devices have a $75 minimum. Plotter labor rate is $125.00 per hour with one hour minimum. A deposit of our minimum charge is required on all repairs not covered under warranty. This deposit is deducted from the total cost of the repair/service.

    DATA: In the event of a request and/or approval of a Data Backup or Recovery Service, charges can apply and estimates are case by case depending on the different varibles. THE CUSTOMER AGREES THAT WHETHER OR NOT A BACKUP IS REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER, DAT-A-SYST IS NOT LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR ANY LOSS, ALTERATION OR CORRUPTION OF ANY DATA OR LOSS OF ANY MEDIA FROM THE EQUIPMENT.

    UNCLAIMED EQUIPMENT: Dat-A-Syst will not be held liable for any equipment held over 30 days from the time of completed service. All items left over 30 days will become the property of Dat-A-Syst and sold at market value, without any further notice to the customer and customer releases Dat-A-Syst from any claims regarding such disposal.

    DAT-A-SYST WARRANTY: At no additional charge, Dat-A-Syst will correct any hardware defects in workmanship of the repair services provided they are returned to Dat-A-Syst within thirty (30) days from the date of completion stated on invoice. This provision will not apply to virus/spyware removal or software repairs.

    I understand I must report any physical damage to my equipment at the time of pickup or I waive any claims I may have related to such physical damage.

    PAYMENT: Full payment is expected at the time of pickup. Dat-A-Syst accepts Visa, MasterCard and Debit Cards.

    CONSUMABLES: Dat-A-Syst requires an operational consumable (ribbon, ink/toner cartridge to be in the printer/plotter so as to test the unit after service. If unit has no consumable or the consumable is inadequate or damaged, Dat-A-Syst will install an OEM approved consumable with the customer's approval and the customer will be responsible for payment at our standard retail rate.


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