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About Us

Over 33 years in Business!!

We are proud to have served the Charlotte metropolitan area for the last 32 years! As we prepare for the next 32 years, our focus is on you…our customer. We value compliments as well as complaints and would love to hear from you!

Our Goal

The Goal of DAT-A-SYST is to keep your business or personal productivity operating with the minimum interruption from your IT environment. With this goal in mind, DATASYST provides quick repair services of your IT hardware (Apple, PCs, Laptops, servers, printer, plotters, Network Components) down to the circuit board level and managed services to proactively keep your IT Infreastruccture up and running.

Near Unlimited Possibilities.

Amazing Services

Datasyst, LLC is your Premier Technological Service Provider offers a huge ranges of services including Repairs, Development, and Infrastructure Setup.

Tech Repairs

We have Techs who repair a wide range of devices such as Computers, Tablets, Phones, and TVs


We Install the Latest (or best for the Device) Updates for the best security and advanced features

Data Recovery

Experts in Defensive Data Recovery practices. We prioritize the safety of your Data before the speed of the Process.

Security / Protection

Up-to-date with all of the newest and most dangerous Threats of Malware, Spyware, and Hacking


Certified to repair Printers, Toners, and Scanners from several Brands like HP, Canon, and Lexmark

Remote Services

We offer Managed Printer, Internet, Security, and Local Network Infrastructure Services.

Web Design / App Development

Suburb Web Designer and Development Team that are knowledge with several Frameworks.


We learn your Business and Workflow to allow for giving the best technical solutions.

Please know that as an independent repair center, we may charge service and labor fees to remain profitable. For the majority of our repairs which are Out of Warranty, the prices given to consumers via vendors such as Apple or DELL are invoiced as ‘Parts Only’ when delivered to us. This means that we usually don’t receive any such compensation or sponsorship for facilitating the repair. We hope you understand that we must maintain revenue and pay our employees for the work they perform daily.