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About Us

Over 34 years in Business!!

We are proud to have served the Charlotte metropolitan area for the last 34 years! As we prepare for the next 34 years, our focus is on you…our customer. We value your compliments as well as feedback and would love to hear from you!

Our Mission

Doing it right the first time

To provide our customers with a full range of professional technical services at a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality, each employee is committed to "doing it right the first time."

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Our Goal

The goal of Datasyst is to keep your business or personal productivity running with as little disruption from your IT environment as possible. With this goal in mind, Datasyst offers quick repair services for your IT hardware (Apple, PCs, Laptops, Printers, Plotters, Network Components) down to the circuit board level, as well as managed services to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly.

Near Unlimited Possibilities.

Amazing Services

Datasyst, LLC is your Premier Technological Service Provider offers a huge ranges of services including Repairs, Development, and Infrastructure Setup.

Tech Repairs

We have Techs who repair a wide range of devices such as Computers, Tablets, Phones, and TVs


We Install the Latest (or best for the Device) Updates for the best security and advanced features

Data Recovery

Experts in Defensive Data Recovery practices. We prioritize the safety of your Data before the speed of the Process.

Security / Protection

Up-to-date with all of the newest and most dangerous Threats of Malware, Spyware, and Hacking


Certified to repair Printers, Toners, and Scanners from several Brands like HP, Canon, and Lexmark

Remote Services

We offer Managed Printer, Internet, Security, and Local Network Infrastructure Services.

PC Building

Great Recommendations for Gaming, Production, and many more ventures.


We learn your Business and Workflow to allow for giving the best technical solutions.

 Located in Fort Mill, SC

We picked our office location to maximize our team's peaceful workflow! Just on the border between North and South Carolina, we are within reaching distance of some of the finest Charlotte Area venues in the world. Come visit us and you'll agree.

We strive to work with the best.
The best companies in the world.

Datasyst does work for some of the greatest tech companies in the world.

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And Much More!

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Our customers are our biggest fans.

We don't like to brag, but we don't mind if our customers do. Here are some kind words people have said about our services over the years.

Our Reviews

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 Peter Silbermann 

This is the most amazing service center I've ever used. Was sent here by Apple and they live up to everything Apple told me about them. Smart, honest, fast and beyond courteous service.

 Google Reviews
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You went above and beyond and I am impressed with all you did to restore my computer to exactly the way I prefer!! Your patience and perseverance are amazing and I have endless thanks!

 Personal Letter
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 John Cashett

I want to compliment the company and the individual for the great service. The Printer Tech arrived on time, had all parts that were needed for the repair and took care of all the problems in a timely manner.

 Email Review
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 Lia Daniels

My husband and I always bring our computers to Datasyst. Excellent place and trustworthy 👍

 Google Reviews
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 Benjamin Z.

I took my Apple Macbook Pro in for repair. The issue was diagnosed and the laptop repaired within the week. The staff was helpful and courteous. I would recommend it to anyone that needs a Macbook repaired.

 Yelp Reviews
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Great Service! Not only did they repair my MacBook Air, but they also gave me a free Treat! These guys are amazing!

 DogBook Reviews
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Please be aware that, as an independent repair center, we have the legal right to charge service and labor fees that differ from those charged by the manufacturer. Regardless of what another representative says, the prices given to customers via the manufacturer's website or phone support do not represent the pricing that we set for our service.

Datasyst is a small company that makes little to no money on out-of-warranty vendor repairs. We are not usually compensated or sponsored in any way for facilitating your repair. As a result, our pricing ensures that our employees are paid their legal wages and that our business can continue to operate. If AppleCare Phone Support or another Manufacturer has misinformed you in any way, we will respect that; however, we would also like the Representative's name and Estimated Time of Contact so that we can seek proper resolution and labor reimbursement from the Manufacturer.

Please be assured that Datasyst will always provide high-quality service at the lowest possible cost. If you have any questions about the billing process, please contact your assigned Technician or an available Administrator.

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