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The biggest bang for your buck.

Datasyst offers year-round, complete tech-support coverage with our monthly or annual subscription plans.

One stop for technical support, hardware troubleshooting, and software support.

Datasyst is a company with a big goal - to bring you total peace of mind. That's why we provide on-going tech support, remote assistance, and onsite services so you know your home or business is running smoothly.

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Basic Troubleshooting

Whether it's your PC or Mac, laptop or tablet, we can help. We'll fix any issue with your device - from software problems to hardware malfunctions - and get it up and running again in no time.

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Device Setup

We're not just about fixing problems. As a part of our tech-support package we'll also help you install new software, troubleshoot application issues and set up new devices - all at no extra cost.

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Whether it's setting up a new device, fixing a current one, or simply making sure that your home network is secure, Datasyst has got your back.
With our monthly service, you'll never have to worry about missing any important deadline because we've got your back with live chat and remote access.




Priority Support

Malware Protection

Onsite Services



Remote Support

10 min/device

15 min/device

15 min/device

Yearly Diagnostics


1 Check-In

1 Check-In


One Device

One Device

Up to 5


$199 Yearly

$329 Yearly

$799 Yearly

Get Started

Optionally $19.99/Month

Get Started

Optionally $29.99/Month

Get Started

Optionally $99.99/Month

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