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Hardware Repairs

We’ll see what’s going on inside

Quality Solutions for Everything You Do

We can repair it for you wherever you bought your computer, whatever the brand. We are trained to solve problems both with hardware and software by our qualified and certified technicians. We have the team and resources to meet all your needs, from Enterprise Level Desktops to Gaming PCs.

Notable Repairs

Powerful creativity and productivity tools start from within the system— These are the most popular components that we actively repair or upgrade.

Your computer's hard drive acts as a central storage facility for all of your important files. Hard drives are often the first part of the computer to fail, since they only last around 5 years on average. If your hard drive is failing, it can exhibit symptoms such as slowing down, freezing, or even making noises. Come to us if you want to stop losing important files and keep your machine going!

hdds are-more-affordable-than-ssds

Computer memory, also known as RAM (Random Access Memory), allows your computer to start and run quickly and smoothly, particularly when several programs are open at the same time. A memory upgrade could be all you need if some applications are slow to load or if running several programs causes your device to hang.

Computer RAM

The circuit that connects your computer's most essential components is known as the motherboard. It's like the nervous system of your computer. These pieces won't be able to interact with one another without it. If your motherboard fails, you can guarantee that the rest of your device would as well. Fear not, Datasyst is here to assist you.

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Monitors and LCD screens are susceptible to damage such as cracks, dead pixels, and other distortions on a regular basis. Trust the qualified technicians at Datasyst to replace your computer's display if it needs to be repaired or if you need a quote for Monitor Fixes. In no time, your laptop will look brand new, and your monitor will show crystal clear images.

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Is the charge on your laptop battery not lasting as long as it once did? All rechargeable batteries have a limit on how many times they can be cycled until their power and runtime deplete. After around 1000 charge cycles, the power of most batteries begins to deteriorate. Your battery would need to be replaced at some stage in order for you to get the most out of your device.

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Logic Board

We have a Technician who is skilled at locating even the most minor component failures on your motherboard / Logic Board. There is almost nothing we can't handle, from corrosion to reflows.

Power Supply

Consider the following scenario: it was storming outside your house, and you were without power. Your desktop computer will no longer turn on. It appears that you have a power supply problem. Don't worry, Datasyst will get your setup up and running again!

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Custom PC Building

Are you ready to build your own PC? You've arrived at the right place! Our technicians can assist you in researching and selecting PC parts from thousands of available components. We can also help you build a gaming PC with streaming capabilities or a machine tailored to your company's needs.


Have you broken your laptop's headphone jack? Is it having charging problems, or worse, is it not charging at all? We are exceptionally gifted at locating and repairing the source of these Port Issues.

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Liquid Damage?

We Get it. Accidents Happen

There is no need to be embarrassed. We have certified technicians on hand to deal with any Liquid Spills. Do you have Milk on your display? Have you gotten pickle juice on your keyboard? We'll take care of it.

Ultra Sonic Cleaning may take up to Two Weeks for Repair Completion.

Datasyst Reserves the right to apply Service and Labor Fees on top of any Hardware Part Orders from OEM and Third Party Vendors. 

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