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Hardware Repairs

We’ll see what’s going on inside

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Power Supply

Imagine this: It was storming outside of your house and you had a power outage. Now, your Desktop Computer won’t turn on anymore. Looks like you have a Power Supply issue. Don’t fret, Datasyst will get your setup back up and running!

Logic Board

We have a Technician well experienced at finding even the smallest component failure on your motherboard / Logic Board. From Corrosion to Reflows, there’s almost nothing we can’t handle.


Broke your Headphone Jack in your Laptop? Having Charging Issues or worse: Is it not charging at all? We are extremely gifted in finding the source of these Port Problems and repairing them.

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Liquid Damage?

We Get it. Accidents Happen

There’s no need to feel ashamed. We have certified technicians ready to tackle any Liquid Spills. Got Milk on your display? Spilled pickle juice on your keyboard? We’ll handle it.*

Ultra Sonic Cleaning may take up to one Weeks for Repair Completion.

Datasyst Reserves the right to apply Service and Labor Fees on top of any Hardware Part Orders from OEM and Third Party Vendors.

Please note that the Customer would be responsible for any extra costs that may be incurred during the repair process (part replacements, tools, etc.). We make no guarantees of success in repairing the device completely but Techs have achieved an 80% success rate overall. Extended Coverage Plans such as AppleCare+ are NOT eligible for this service and must follow Manufacturer Procedures to prevent voiding the device's Extended Protection Plan.

Successful Logic Board Repairs are billable even if the customer declines additional part repairs and the charge will NOT be reversed. Under no circumstances will the service be performed for free or at the cost to the technicians or Datasyst. Data loss is possible but Datasyst is not responsible. Data Recovery, if possible, is billable as a separate charge.

*Most modern devices have Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) inside that can be tripped due to the presence of moisture. These tripped LCIs will void any Limited Warranties. Unfortunately, these LCIs are permently stained even after repair.