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Addressing Concerns about our Pricing

Diagnostics Fees are Non-Refundable

Same Height Control

Technical Support is a Billable Service.

Same Height Control

Software Issues are NOT covered under Warranties

Same Height Control

Data Backup/Recovery is a Billable Service

Same Height Control

We've recently noticed that customers are comparing our pricing to that of manufacturers. We understand your concern about these inconsistencies.

Please be aware that, as an independent repair center, we have the legal right to charge service and labor fees that differ from those charged by the manufacturer. Regardless of what another representative says, the prices given to customers via the manufacturer's website or phone support do not represent the pricing that we set for our service.

Datasyst is a small company that makes little to no money on out-of-warranty vendor repairs. We are not usually compensated or sponsored in any way for facilitating your repair. As a result, our pricing ensures that our employees are paid their legal wages and that our business can continue to operate. If AppleCare Phone Support or another Manufacturer has misinformed you in any way, we will respect that; however, we would also like the Representative's name and Estimated Time of Contact so that we can seek proper resolution, labor reimbursement, or legal action from the Manufacturer.

Please be assured that Datasyst will always provide quality service at the most reasonable price, however, we will never deprive our employees of livable wages under any circumstances. If you have any questions about the billing process, please contact your assigned Technician or an available Administrator.

Apple Authorized Service Provider Obligations 

For Customers concerned about pricing or for Apple Support Representatives misrepresenting the Company and our rights, refer to OP79 – Exhibit F of the AASP Support Manual:

F.1 Service Provider Obligations
At a minimum, Service Providers shall troubleshoot and facilitate Carry-in and Mail-In repair service for Covered Repairs without charge to their customers.

If a repair or associated service is deemed outside the scope of Apple repair coverage, Service Providers may, at their sole discretion, charge a fee for associated labor and parts. For example:
- If the issue results from the use of any non-Apple hardware product.
- If the issue results from the use of any non-Apple software product.
- If the issue results from accidental damage or abuse.
- If after troubleshooting, no issue with the Apple hardware product is found.
- If the issue results from software-related cause or software setup.
- If the customer requested data recovery or transfer services.

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