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Computer & Phone Repairs

 COVID-19 Procedures

We’re currently monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus around the world. Some Hardware Shipments may be delayed from our vendors internationally. Please view this letter on how to keep your devices clean and prevent the spread of the virus.



We can repair a large variety of Desktop Computers including Apple iMacs, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro, Windows All-in-Ones PCs, and more.

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We work diligently on Apple MacBooks as well as other brands of Laptops from Dell, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, and more.

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Whether it’s an iPad, Surface, or a Galaxy Tab, we’ve got you covered with quality support.

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Broke your iPhone Screen? Swollen Battery in your LG smartphone? Bring it in and we’ll fix it.

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Repairs for displays (or monitors) for computers or other devices with video output.

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Can examine and find service processes for Apple AirPods, Beats Headphones, and more.

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Smart Watches

Comprehensive support for a range of wearables including the Apple Watch and Android Wear powered watches

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From your firewall to your router and your router to your servers we can manage it all. Let us manage your network.

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Data Recovery

Keep your Data Safe

With options like external hard drives and cloud storage, there's no reason to lose your important files when your device fails. Our Techs are trained to Backup all of your Documents, Photos, and Music to have them ready on your repaired device or a new one.*

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Component-Level Repairs

We specialize in component replacements and repairs on physical parts like fans, logic board/motherboard, Ports, Displays, and more.

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Malware Protection

Like antivirus, but smart

We block viruses, malware, malicious websites, ransomware, and hackers in places where traditional antivirus isn't smart enough to stop. That’s because not only are we using the Best Antivirus but we also have Technicians that can spot the symptoms and Culprits even when before we perform scans.

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Operating System Reinstallation

Fix your Corrupted OS

An operating system is very essential software that runs a computer. This controls the computer’s memory, processes and software, and hardware. It allows the users to communicate with the computer even without knowing how to speak the computer’s language! An OS consists of several components but most likely include the Kernel, the Shell and the File system.

Sometimes due to various reasons like viruses, malware, unexpected system shutdown, and update failures, the OS gets corrupted or damaged and as a result, starts showing various errors.

This is where we come in to save your Computer!

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Apple Authorized

We service and repair all Apple Mac & iOS Products. Our experienced Apple Certified Mac Technicians have gone through Apples’ rigorous training and guidelines for Apple Hardware and Software Repairs and Services. With Apple Technology and Apple Proprietary Tools, our team can provide the highest level of technical support and that helps to exceed customers’ expectations by offering proper diagnosis, reliable repairs, and fast turnaround time. We have the unique ability to offer extensive support on both AppleCare and out-of-warranty Apple devices.

*We value Privacy over Convenience. We will not target individual data for any recovery or migration attempts.