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Computer & Phone Repairs


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Malware Protection

We detect and prevent viruses, malware, malicious websites, ransomware, and hackers in places where traditional antivirus is ineffective. This is due to the fact that we not only use the Best Antivirus, but we also have Technicians who can detect symptoms and Culprits even before we perform scans.

Operating System Reinstallation

An operating system is very essential software that runs a computer. . It allows the users to communicate with the computer even without knowing how to speak the computer’s language! Sometimes due to various reasons, the OS gets corrupted or damaged and as a result, starts showing various errors.


Why spend hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars on a brand-new computer when a simple upgrade or two will suffice? Datasyst can help improve the performance of your laptop or desktop computer and extend its working life for years to come with our wide range of computer upgrade services.


Need help setting up a new printer or having trouble connecting to your printer? Dat-A-Syst has you covered. Our Toner Expert will connect your printer to a wireless network, adjust your print settings, connect your computer to the printer, show you how to print from all of your devices, and more!

*We value Privacy over Convenience. We will not target individual data for any recovery or migration attempts.

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