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Tablet Repairs & Support

Tablets are everyone's favorite electronic device. We appreciate having all of the features of a full computer in such a small package. However, breaks and cracks do occur, which is where we come in.

What We Do

We make it our mission to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient and pleasant. We know that you have a choice when choosing a repair shop, and we want to make sure that you choose us.


Symptoms like Battery Draining, Not Charging, or No Power

Screen Damage

Fixes Display Cracks like they never happened in the first place.


Stuck in Recovery Mode? No worries, we can help you out.

Technical Support

Priority Technical Assistance for the device at a time convenient to you.

 Tablet Services

You are, without a doubt, one of the cool kids if you own a tablet. If you've been putting off an iPad screen repair or a depleted Samsung Galaxy View battery, bring it to the experts! All types of tablet repairs are easily handled by our skilled repair technicians. When you come to Datasyst for a pro tablet repair, we welcome all types of tablets, whether you're a Google fan or need an ipad repair.

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We troubleshoot iPads too!

No need to worry. Datasyst offers one of the best tech support services for your Apple products. We are experts in all things Apple, so we're confident we can help you with your repair needs

Please Note: Most Supported iPad models cannot be opened at our facility. Mail-In Repair Services or Unit Replacements may be required.

iPad Pro

All Models

iPad Air

iPad Air 2 and later


iPad (5th generation) and later

iPad mini

iPad mini 4 and later

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