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Lets Prepare your Tech for Service

Here are some tips that will help ensure the most efficient and fastest service

Back up if Possible

Save your Data and your memories. A few simple steps can save you from losing your favorite photos and files. If you don’t know how to do this, we can help you or you can request Data Recovery Service from a Technician.


Know your passcode

If you have a passcode/password set up on your device, make sure that you know it so we can run any Additional Diagnostic from within the affected working OS.

If the repair requires your Device Password and we do not have it on record, the repair is put on hold and you will be contacted for security measures before we can proceed.


Forgot your Password?

It’s okay, It Happens. We can assist you with User Account Password Resets before the actual repair. Better yet, expect a pretty decent turnaround time if that’s your only issue.

We cannot unlock Firmware/BIOS Passwords. Please discuss this issue with the Manufacturer. Proof of Purchase is required for all password resets.

Apple 38_findmy

Apple Users: Turn off Find My Device

'Find My' is an iCloud Feature that takes precautions to safeguard your device and personal information against loss, theft, and misuse. To ensure that you are the legal owner and that you agree to initiate this repair, you must turn this security feature off.

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Prepare to answer questions about your issue

Whether you are experiencing these issues all the time or just in random intervals, ALL DETAILS MATTER! Be prepared to describe in detail what is going on and how the Techs can reproduce the issue.

Be honest as well for things such as liquid damage, drops or hit in a certain area, or any hardware modifications. There’s no need to be embarrassed but Techs will want to know the exact cause to formulate the best solution.

We LOVE cheat sheets!

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Bring your Charger if needed

If you are having Power-related Issues, it is best to bring your charger. Our Tech will likely check the connectors and cords in addition to the device for any electrial shorts or damage.
Beware of counterfeit parts. Some counterfeit and/or third party power adapters and batteries may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. Please inform your Tech if you are using any non-OEM adapters and batteries.

Note: Apple Products you bring will not require Power Adapters. Our AASP status allows for us to keep stock of Known Good Adapter in our Diagnostics. 

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